July 12, 2023 | 4 min

The power of Leadership

Gijs Franken
Manager Business Control

Daring to chart the financial course of Nederlandse Loterij is a profession in itself

In the same way as scouting that one unique star player, finding both an experienced financial controller with a theoretical background and a commercial business controller requires real ‘fingerspitzengefühl’. We spoke to Gijs Franken, responsible for business control, about the power of leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset.


“The dynamic within Nederlandse Loterij is very different from what the outside world thinks: sporty, competitive and above all extremely challenging. With lots of (commercial) data, large financial transactions and flows, multi-channel and data-driven direction. Consequently, we’re really looking for people from financial institutions, FinTech and IT organisations who can make a difference.”

“As a business controller, you’re not only the pivot and key figure for multidisciplinary teams, but there is also a lot of different matters you have to get involved in within the organisation. From increasing market positions on the lotteries side to discussing the development of the lottery system. In short, a role in which, above all, there is a lot of room to drive the best results in conjunction with the teams.”

“As a controller, connecting Finance and the business makes you a true team player.”

Gijs Franken
Manager Business Control


Finance is serious business

What does it mean to hold one of the key positions within Nederlandse Loterij as Financial Controller? “In terms of administration, you have the standard ‘need to haves’, which for us are very broad, but you’re also responsible for the whole financial spectrum. You’re working in a great dynamic where you get plenty of room for learning. You don’t have to be able to do everything, but you do need to know the inherent substance of what you’re involved in. Again, the key is to be inquisitively proactive and have an entrepreneurial mindset.”


Performance management

In a broad sense, Nederlandse Loterij is focused on value and data-driven steering. “Other tasks done by Finance include developing combined cost awareness and utilising our assets. For both the financial controller and the business controller, management and charting direction are incredibly important to get the teams ‘on point’ and performance-oriented. For both functions, it’s all about monitoring the earning capacity of Nederlandse Loterij within the proper balance between receipts and being a responsible provider.”


Key figure

“Within Finance, you’re an integral part of the multidisciplinary teams and so you really are ‘on the pitch’. As a controller, connecting Finance and the business makes you a true team player.”



“For both positions, the financial controller and the business controller, we consciously set the bar high because daring to chart the financial course really is a profession in itself. Nederlandse Loterij is a tech-driven and data-driven organisation with social impact. So on the one hand, you’re working within familiar territory, but on the other hand, you’re also taking steps where you have to dare to go a lot further at the same time. Because the market calls for it and Nederlandse Loterij therefore needs it.”


Can you visualize yourself fulfilling a role within our Finance department? Check out our vacancies for Financial Controller and Business Controller here.


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