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From intern to campaign manager for one of the biggest Dutch brands

Ivanka Rubingh
Campaign manager

When studying commercial economics, business administration or marketing, finding a thesis project position can be challenging. Which company will you join, for instance? For Ivanka Rubingh, the choice was clear: she opted for a thesis internship at Nederlandse Loterij. It turned out to be an excellent choice: six years later, she is a campaign manager at Staatsloterij, one of the biggest gaming brands in the Netherlands. Want to know more about her experience at Nederlandse Loterij? Read on.


“The office made a big impression”

As a student of Commercial Economics at Leiden University of Applied Sciences, Ivanka was looking for a suitable internship. She came in touch with Nederlandse Loterij through her part-time job at Primera. It turned out to be a perfect match. “A few weeks later, I had an interview at Nederlandse Loterij. The office made a great impression: it was modern, had a friendly atmosphere and, above all, offered a lot of opportunities thanks to the various brands, such as Lucky Day, TOTO, Krasloten and Staatsloterij.” Ivanka eventually chose a position as a marketing graduate at Lucky Day. “A smaller gaming brand, which gave me the confidence that I could really make a difference.”


Graduating at Lucky Day

“The focus of my research: How could we boost sales of Lucky Day lottery tickets through other Nederlandse Loterij brands in retail organisations such as Primera? In addition to my research, I worked four days a week under supervision. I also worked at Lucky Day to set up a customer journey; I was involved in the development of a brand strategy; I was responsible for the social media channels; and I got to create an internal activation for the Staatsloterij’s New Year’s Eve draw. They gave me a lot of responsibilities, which really made me feel like part of the team.”


Travel or stay?

After a successful assessment of her thesis, Ivanka was asked if she wanted to stay on. Although she still wanted to travel, the working environment at Nederlandse Loterij felt like home. “It felt like a mini-family and a safe environment where I could be myself. The decision was made: I was staying.”

She still looks back on that choice with satisfaction. She continued her career as a campaign marketer at the gaming brand Krasloten. “I was involved in the launch of several campaigns. My highlight was certainly being responsible for the December calendar campaign, from development to launch. After that, I got to work as a campaign marketer for the biggest brand, Staatsloterij. It felt like a huge step. At Lucky Day, the team consisted of five people, and at Staatsloterij’s the team is much bigger (>25 people), and the budgets are much higher. So, I stepped into a whole new world, where everything was possible, but the goals were also higher.”

“Nederlandse Loterij is among the top 10 best marketing advertisers. Here you will have the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in different marketing areas, such as online, retail and campaigns.”

Ivanka Rubingh
Campaign manager


What does a campaign manager at Staatsloterij do?

“Since then, I have been promoted from campaign marketer to manager. As a campaign manager at Staatsloterij, I am responsible for the development and implementation of marketing and communication campaigns and the annual strategy. What I like about my job is the opportunity to develop new campaigns and brainstorm challenges in a multidisciplinary team. My work also has an impact. For example, you can see the results of your work immediately on television or hear them on the radio. I think it’s extraordinary that I get to work for one of the biggest brands at the age of 28.”


Why Nederlandse Loterij?

Ivanka has been working for Nederlandse Loterij for six years. What is the secret? “For me, it is the freedom and the opportunity to grow. Nederlandse Loterij invests in your personal development, which I see less of with my former classmates who also work in marketing. Here, the training budget is big, and people help each other. We have a great working culture. For example, my opinion is valued and if I get stuck there is always someone to help. Our marketing director likes to hear your thoughts. I can sit down with him and discuss my ideas. And that goes for everyone.”

Why does Ivanka recommend an internship? She concludes the interview by saying: “Nederlandse Loterij is one of the top 10 best marketing advertisers. Here, you can learn in different areas of marketing, from online and retail to campaigns. We work hard but we also find time to go to sports matches and have fun together. In fact, a large part of our proceeds goes to Dutch sport and 18 charities. People often don’t know that. We also have a gym with trainers at Nederlandse Loterij. The organisation prioritises keeping its employees healthy and fit.”


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