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Britt van Ham & Anouk Kouwen

From developing a brandbook for Krasloten to collaborating on a WK (Football World Cup) activation campaign: Britt van Ham and Anouk Kouwen tell us enthusiastically about how their decision to opt for a marketing traineeship at Nederlandse Loterij boosted their own development. Like to know the impact that our traineeship can have on your career? Then get inspired by Britt and Anouk!

A traineeship (i.e. internship) at Nederlandse Loterij means familiarising yourself with a range of disciplines within an area of expertise that suits you. As a trainee, for 2 years you will be the driving force in 2 to 4 teams. Britt: ‘At the start of your traineeship, you tell NL where your interests lie, so that the assignments you are given match these as far as possible. During the first few months of your traineeship you get off to a flying start right away, because you will experience first-hand what goes on in the different departments.’ Anouk adds the following example: ‘I started at the TOTO football pools company in the retail marketing department and then gained further useful experience within the campaign marketing team for Eurojackpot. I will soon start working in this field again but this time for the Lotto brand.’


“As a marketing trainee, I really feel that all my colleagues are eager to teach me all the ins and outs of what they do.”

Britt van Ham
marketing trainee


Taking the lead yourself

So how do you get the most out of your traineeship at Nederlandse Loterij? Britt tells us: ‘It’s important to not only show your commitment and take ownership of your own work but also to communicate your own needs and wishes, because the more clearly you communicate them, the better you can shape your career. This is because every traineeship is unique, so there is plenty of scope to tailor it to what you want.’ Anouk adds to this: ‘Monthly coaching conversations with your coach certainly help you to do this too, as it means you always have someone on hand to bounce ideas off. A big advantage here is that your coach is not a marketeer himself or herself, so the focus is purely on your own process. In this way, you stay alert to what you yourself want to get out of it. For me, this really gives me added value.’


At Nederlandse Loterij, you are not a ‘number’

There are many traineeships you can choose from in the world of marketing. So why did Britt and Anouk opt for a trainee programme at Nederlandse Loterij? Anouk explains: ‘When you are looking for a traineeship, one at a big company quickly leaps to mind. For me personally, however, I like to see an organisation focus on people, which is precisely why I feel at home at Nederlandse Loterij, which has about 500 employees. This means that at NL, you don’t feel that you are ‘just a number.’’ Britt tells us: ‘All my colleagues are ready to help us learn all the ins and outs of what they do. They are pleased that we are there to assist them with their projects.’


From understanding work processes to running projects

The switch from student to employee can feel a bit like a leap into the unknown but the NL traineeship actually makes this transition such a smooth and enjoyable one, because it also ensure you have a ‘soft landing’ into the organisation. Britt: ‘During the first few months, you experience first-hand the wide range of work processes, which also gives you the chance to see how the organisation is put together. This is absolutely essential, because Nederlandse Loterij has to deal with complex legislation and regulations. Once I had been fully inducted, I was given my own projects to do. The ones I am most proud of are the brandbook that I was allowed to develop for Krasloten and the ‘Win your dream salary’ social media campaign for Staatsloterij (Dutch national lottery) for which I headed up the campaign team.’

Anouk adds her own highlights here: ‘I spent my first six months working at TOTO, which time just happened to coincide with the WK (Football World Cup), so I was able to see first-hand behind the scenes at the WK campaign. I am also proud of my part in the TOTO Retail event, which I was responsible for from the start, and where I learned a lot about stakeholder management. I was responsible for organising all aspects of the event, including arranging the guest speakers. This project really gave me the opportunity to make an important and professional contribution to its successful realisation.’


You stand out by thinking ‘out of the box’

Of course, sharing knowledge and knowhow is a key aspect of any traineeship, and this holds true of Nederlandse Loterij too. Britt: ‘During the peer reviews that are held every three months, we and other trainees review particular case histories together, so that we learn to think in terms of solutions and possibilities.’ Anouk concurs: ‘At Nederlandse Loterij, you are really given the opportunity to develop yourself creatively. One important skill you should develop in this regard is that of ‘out of the box’ thinking, which you can see for instance during our brainstorming sessions or when organising an event.’

So, could a marketing traineeship be of interest to you too? Then take a look here at our current vacancies.


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