December 15, 2022 | 5 min

Wild stories & Off-road adventures

Curious to know what it’s like to experience a traineeship at Nederlandse Loterij? And, even more importantly: intrigued to know what team outings you can expect? From ‘stories worthy of the chit chat jar’ to an adventurous and muddy car ride full of bumps… Interested? Read all about it in our team outing report here.

The full of adventure traineeship outing was scheduled for Tuesday 15 November and all managers and buddies were invited. Organisationally, it was in the hands of the trainees within Nederlandse Loterij. The theme? To get better acquainted with each other and do a bit of team building. The day got started in the office with a brief round of introductions since not everyone works in the same department or for the same brand. Via a ‘chit chat jar’ (a jar filled with question cards), the wildest tales emerged.

“A fun and successful team activity.”

Then it was time to point ourselves in the direction of Gouda where we let ourselves get carried away at Fundustry Adventures. We began our adventure with a game of Archery Tag in which two teams competed for the coveted title of ‘Robin Hood of Nederlandse Loterij’. After that, it was time to see who would prove to be the ultimate daredevil in the off-road driving. The course was made up of deep potholes, bumpy tracks and muddy puddles, which severely tested all our colleagues’ driving skills. From split tyres to colleagues bathed in cold sweat – it was one hell of a ride….

At the end, we left to round off the day by enjoying a bite and a drink in Gouda’s centre. All told, we had an enjoyable and successful outing!

Would you too like to be part of an energetic organisation, where fun outings are the order of the day? And do you think you could put your skills to good use in our traineeship? If so, then don’t hesitate to go to the traineeships page for more information. Our traineeship starts in September of each year, with applications possible from May.


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