Several strong game brands under a single roof

You probably know them, the games of Nederlandse Loterij: Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Lucky Day, Krasloten, TOTO Winkel, TOTO Sport and TOTO Casino. Our games make taking part especially fun and we also contribute to a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.

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Why we do this

Not everyone realises that Nederlandse Loterij was once founded as a fundraising organisation for Dutch sports and charities. It is our purpose to contribute to a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands. If we are successful with our marketing activities, it means more money is available for society. So it is up to us to create as much awareness as possible and to optimally organise the consumer journey.

Who we do this with

The marketing team is one of the larger teams within the organisation. We work together in a diverse team of experienced marketers and with specialists from renowned agencies. This is how we form a team that strives for profit, with smart people who can adapt to the changing gaming market and the media landscape.

Within Marketing, we form agile business teams for each brand, so all specialisms come together in a team to achieve the objectives together. In addition to the business team, you also form a team with your own discipline, meeting up weekly. They are the CRM marketers, Online Marketers, Social Marketers and Campaign Managers. Thursdays are all about exchanging knowledge. We meet in the office and work on business issues to enable further growth.



This team is divided into four teams, Campaign, Social, Media Management and Online Marketing and it makes sure every brand is top of mind.



This team consists of five teams, CRM and Acquisition, Database Marketing & Automation, E-mail & Push, the Studio and CRO. Together, we set up targeted actions to attract, retain and enrich customers.



Creating the best gaming experience for the customer. That is what our Product colleagues do on a daily basis.

Sponsoring & Beneficiaries


This team strengthens our brand and business strategy through external relationships.

“Are you curious and eager to learn? Those are two important qualities a marketer must have to be able to adapt to the rapidly-changing media landscape and the gaming market.”

Dries Poels, Head of Marketing
has been working at Nederlandse Loterij since 2019

How we do this

Our games of chance are an emotional product. Taking part stands for an opportunity, for a dream. Personal experience therefore plays an important role in marketing our products and creating that experience requires creativity. Creativity is actively stimulated in our organisation. For example, we hold creative days, when all marketers of all brands come together with the creative agencies with whom we work. Have an exciting idea? Tell us about it! At Nederlandse Loterij, you can realise your dream as a marketer.

In addition to being a marketing organisation, we are a data-driven organisation. Our data helps us to further refine external communication and to make campaigns even better every day.


House of brands
Nederlandse Loterij consists of strong gaming brands. Each brand is independent, at the same time, we learn from each other and from the experiences we gain per brand. What is going well and is there anything we can also implement with another brand? Is there anything that’s not going well, and how can we prevent this from also going wrong with another brand? Working together is winning together!

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Winning campaigns
2021: Effie Awards | Silver Effie for the campaign about the Staatsloterij New Year’s Eve draw.
2021: Effie Awards | Bronze Effie for the Eurojackpot campaign ‘Zooo veel money’.
2021: Gouden Loeki for the campaign about the Staatsloterij New Year’s Eve draw.


Team players
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All the unique talents of our colleagues come together in various teams. In this way, we work together on a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands. Want to know who’s on your team?

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Dries on his development at Nederlandse Loterij

Dries on his development at Nederlandse Loterij

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