Digitisation with an eye for the customer

Where and how do we sell games and experiences? How do we pay winners? How do we do this in a market where digitisation plays an important role for some customers, while other players are looking for knowledge and personal contact? These are the questions we answer together with the 30 colleagues of the Sales team and which we respond to with our products and services.

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Why we do this

The total turnover of Nederlandse Loterij in 2021 amounted to €2,993 million. Of this, €2,467 million was awarded to prize winners. Another €188 million went to Dutch sport, 18 charities and society for a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.


Who we do this with

Working together and winning together is teamwork. This is also reflected in our Sales department. In addition, each person can count on a lot of personal responsibility and plenty of scope within which to operate. Have a good idea? See an opportunity you want to capitalise on? At Nederlandse Loterij, we applaud this! Our innovation lab, where we develop innovative plans, is an example of this. If you’d like to set up a lottery with blockchain technology, and if you can demonstrate why this technology will help Nederlandse Loterij progress, we’ll give you the opportunity to share your plan up to board level. We call that entrepreneurship and it’s something we truly appreciate.


“The end result is satisfying; you contribute millions to the Netherlands.”

Maarten Kerkhof, Account Management Manager
has been working at Nederlandse Loterij since 2019

How we do this

This is done in many ways. For example, we are developing a new sales method without the intervention of an employee. In other words, we offer solutions that allow consumers to buy lottery tickets themselves. However, if our consumers are not in contact with a seller, how do you ensure that they can still find their way to our lottery ticket? How do we teach our store players a new customer journey? How will it affect our business model? These are the questions the Sales team finds the answers to together.

We also proactively come up with ideas about how to improve things even further. The Cash Less project, for example. Our goal is to have less cash in circulation in the stores. Players hand in their ticket, present their phone and the amount won is deposited directly into their bank account. Good for the player and good for the retailer because less money needs to be kept in the cash register. This promotes safety, among other things.


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All the unique talents of our colleagues come together in various teams. In this way, we work together on a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.
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