Responsible Gaming

Taking part in our games should, above all, be fun

and remain so. That is why we are committed to responsible gaming. Our eight talents are committed to our team mission: making sure no one gets into trouble because of our games. We don’t just do this because we have to, we do it primarily because we really believe in it.

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Why we do this

With every game, we support great initiatives for Dutch society, sport and health. Obviously, we can’t do that at the expense of players’ health. Taking part should remain a game for everyone. Responsible gaming is much more than a spearhead for us; we see it as a primary task to implement the games of chance policy.


Who we do this with

Responsible gaming is the responsibility of all our 400 colleagues. This means that as a talent within the Responsible Gaming team, you are in contact with everyone within our organisation. You work for all our strong brands. Variety is guaranteed. After all, not all brands are the same. For example, the dynamics of placing a bet online are completely different than when you buy a lottery ticket once a month at your favourite retailer around the corner.

Responsible gaming is very important to us. In fact, enabling responsible gaming is an intrinsic motivation for our talents. This is our way of contributing to society. Our sincere interest in people’s behaviour forms a good basis for this, complemented by our view outwards. We are aware of what happens outside the organisation.

“We don’t just do it because we have to, but primarily because we really believe in it ourselves”

Floris van Driel, Responsible gaming specialist
has been working at Nederlandse Loterij since 2015

How we do this

Our dot on the horizon is making sure no one gets in trouble because of our games. To work towards this, our approach is three-tiered: prevention, detection and intervention.

Prevention: in concrete terms, this means we inform people at the front about possible risks of our products. Examples include our Responsible Gaming campaign with Nathan Rutjes. This marketing campaign has won us an award for Safer Gambling Campaign of the Year. We also make sure we don’t allow people under the age of 18. Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are approached in a different way because research shows that they are a vulnerable group.

Many of our products are purchased online, and we collect a lot of data that way. Data that gives us insight into the gaming behaviour of players. How do you find patterns in those mountains of data that indicate people who are at risk? Our analysts connect psychology with data analysis, identifying patterns that indicate a loss of control.

Based on the analyses in the detection phase, we take measures designed to reduce the stimulation to play for certain people. This may mean, for instance, that we send out fewer promotional e-mails. Or our colleagues of the customer service centre call these people and talk to them.


Team players
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All the unique talents of our colleagues come together in various teams. In this way, we work together on a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.
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