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Whether you want further training within IT, marketing or another field, Nederlandse Loterij offers different opportunities. Join our organisation by following one of our unique traineeship programmes. Together, we find the assignments that suit what you can do and what you want. Throughout your development, you will also be contributing to a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.

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Why we do this

For you and for ourselves. While you develop your skills under good supervision into an independent professional in your field for two years, we will win your heart. That comes naturally, as you gradually discover who we are as an employer: dynamic, innovative and socially involved. In this way, you will grow into a sustainable job at Nederlandse Loterij, so that we can count on your talents and collegiality even after the traineeship. A win-win situation.


Who we do this with

At Nederlandse Loterij, we work with more than 400 top talents, of whom on average about five trainees like you. We have divided our talents into several teams, including Data & IT, Marketing and Finance. Each team guides and challenges you well to get the most out of your talent. As a trainee, you will strengthen at least two and no more than four of the teams, where you work on various projects over a period of one to two years. For example, during a marketing traineeship, you will be involved in CRM, Campaign, Database Marketing and Social. In the case of an IT-related traineeship, you fulfil various positions in varying IT domains at one of our well-known websites or a complex back-end system.

“Our traineeship is an opportunity for young talent to get acquainted with our different departments and to develop into a professional at the same time.”

Roos Groeneveld, HR Business Partner Learning & Development
has been working at Nederlandse Loterij since 2022

How we do this

Each traineeship is tailor-made. We will go on a journey of discovery with you to find out what you can already do and, above all, what you still want to learn. In addition, we find suitable assignments so within (a maximum of) 2 years, you gain experience that will really help you in your career. So although there will be plenty of consultation with you, these six components are fixed as soon as you start as a trainee at Nederlandse Loterij:


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All the unique talents of our colleagues come together in various teams. In this way, we work together on a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands.
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Dries on his development at Nederlandse Loterij

Dries on his development at Nederlandse Loterij

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