May 6, 2022 | 3 min

Tim talks about working for Nederlandse Loterij: never a dull moment

Tim van Dijk
Campaign Manager Krasloten & Lucky Day

Tim van Dijk – Campaign Manager Krasloten & Lucky Day at Nederlandse Loterij tells us about working at Nederlandse Loterij and his past opportunities and those yet to come.

I had been working as a store manager in retail for three years when I changed course. I wanted to do something different. I didn’t know what exactly, but something in marketing. I left my job and went back to school, and graduated from Tilburg University with a degree in Communication & Digital Media with the intention of taking my career in a new direction.

I got that opportunity at Nederlandse Loterij, where I have been working since May 2019. In just three years, I have evolved from marketeer to manager and have already been given the opportunity to work for three great gaming brands – Lotto, Lucky Day and currently Krasloten. I have been given the time and space to work toward where I am today, thanks in part to the open working atmosphere and the knowledge and experience of colleagues from other game brands. For me, challenges and the working atmosphere are two important aspects that have to be right. And that is definitely the case; there’s never a dull moment. Because here at Nederlandse Loterij, we’re one big team. There is plenty of knowledge present in the organisation, and colleagues are happy to share it with you.

“One team, one task, you might say. We all want to help each other, and we go for the best result as one.”

Tim van Dijk
Campaign Manager Krasloten & Lucky Day

And you don’t just learn from inside the organisation. As an employee, you are also offered training and education opportunities. I took the ‘Strategic Marketing’ training course last year because we were repositioning the Krasloten brand and needed to develop a new brand strategy. This year, I’ll be starting the ‘Strategic Marketing Management’ programme at Nyenrode Business University to add focus and strengthen our impact. It gives me a chance to step back and reflect on the choices I have made. It also gives me a clear view of my development opportunities.

There are plenty of opportunities at Nederlandse Loterij, you just have to seize them.


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