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“We provide substantial support to good causes and sport – as much as 72.2 million in 2022!”

Good Causes Manager

Did you know that at Nederlandse Loterij, we provide financial support to no less than 18 good causes and Fonds Gehandicapten Sport? In this blog, Judith van Kranenburg, Good Causes Manager, explains why she chose this job 18 months ago and why Nederlandse Loterij is the employer where her passion and dedication come together. 


From Oranje Fonds to Good Causes Manager at Nederlandse Loterij

A leap in the dark that Judith enthusiastically took. “I love premier sports and can enjoy an ‘oranje’ (orange) party. To be honest, my work at Nederlandse Loterij really feels like a gift,” she imparts first of all. In her previous job at Oranje Fonds, Judith was in frequent contact with the person who was then Good Causes Manager of Nederlandse Loterij and is now her current supervisor, Joost. She was impressed by Nederlandse Loterij’s commitment to 18 good causes and its significant contribution to the Fonds Gehandicapten Sport.

“During my time at Oranje Fonds, we as beneficiaries along with other stakeholders were invited by Nederlandse Loterij to beneficiary days and various sporting events. The freedom to invite our own donors without any form of consideration in exchange was very nice for a charity like the Oranje Fonds. That reflects extremely well on the social character of Nederlandse Loterij. Apart from all the organised activities provided by Nederlandse Loterij, Joost’s vision impressed me – his focus on opportunities and connecting. When the opportunity arose 18 months ago to join Nederlandse Loterij as Good Causes Manager, I immediately knew this was my chance to further expand efforts for the 18 good causes and the Fonds Gehandicapten Sport.”

“I just have a fantastic job, with brilliant colleagues at a cool club. From a personal training budget, organizing events to taking golf lessons and a good lunch. I don't think I could get any better.”

Good Causes Manager


Enormous monetary support for good causes

“In my role as Good Causes Manager, I’m responsible for relationships, activations and growing the social impact,” explains Judith. “We help them to raise their professionalism, e.g. by running workshops on social media and artificial intelligence, and initiating campaigns. We recently ran a campaign called ‘Geen Smoesjes’ or ‘No Excuses’, with Maxime Hartman, in conjunction with the Fonds Gehandicapten Sport and Uniek Sporten. The objective? To increase participation in sport for people with impaired abilities. This is something I’m extremely proud of because this campaign has already reached hundreds of thousands of people via Instagram and Facebook.


Numerous initiatives

But that’s not the only thing that makes me proud; we’re implementing numerous initiatives in line with our mission: a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands. Think about the donation of laptops to children from underprivileged families, the contribution event and our ‘Good Causes Wall’ in the office. Via this wall, we can display all our activities with videos and provide good causes with a place for showcasing their work. We also actively get involved in voluntary work. This year, for instance, we participated in NLDoet with 210 colleagues. In short, we work hard at our mission, day in, day out. In addition to all these efforts, last year we supported our 18 good causes with the impressive sum of 19.9 million euros. That is all wonderful, but if you ask me, there are still too few people who know that we turn our mission – to create a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands – into huge contributions to good causes, sport and society through our gaming brands.”


Inherent motivation is what drives us

“Based on my actual experience, what drives everyone at Nederlandse Loterij is their inherent motivation. The fact that giving large sums of money to good causes (ed. and to Dutch sport and the Ministry of Finance) was a precondition for setting up our organisation says an awful lot. In addition, we make sure that participating in any of Nederlandse Loterij’s games is fun and safe. With that in mind, we invest and develop heavily in preventing, identifying and addressing risky gaming behaviour. We provide an environment in which participating in gaming is fun, where the rules and conditions are unambiguous and where timely action is taken when risky gaming behaviour is identified.”


A workplace where everything comes together

For Judith, Nederlandse Loterij is where all her important values are united: philanthropy, sport, solidarity and development. “The desire to go further, the enjoyment of sport, both practising it and spectating, and making human connections are all aspects that I value immensely,” she shares enthusiastically. “As for the latter, I see its strength within our organisation. The feeling of cohesion is strong, we all set our sights on a 10 and the organisation invests in its employees. From a personal training budget, organising events to taking golf lessons and a good lunch. I don’t think I could find anywhere better. In short, I’ve got a fantastic job, with brilliant colleagues at a great place to work.”

Would you like to work towards a happy, healthy and sporty Netherlands, just like Judith? Check out our current vacancies and contribute to enormous contributions for our 18 good causes..


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