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Working as a Business Controller: Marjolein and Ilona share their experience

Marjolein and Ilona
Business Controllers

What does a job as a Business Controller at Nederlandse Loterij involve? Marjolein van Beveren and Ilona van Beekum share their experience of four unique aspects of their work. Let their story inspire you.


What is your role as a Business Controller?

Marjolein: “As Business Controllers, it’s our job to monitor our organisation’s financial health. We monitor the financial status, draft forecasts and provide advice on achieving financial targets.” Ilona gives an example to illustrate this: “If we’re developing a new proposition, for example, we calculate the costs and potential turnover of the project and look at its feasibility. This is how we ensure that we stay healthy financially and in alignment with our strategic targets.”

“Binnen mijn team kan ik de nadruk leggen op de aspecten die voor mij als Business Controller van belang zijn. Naast dat ik de controle heb over mijn eigen domein, werk ik ook nauw samen met collega’s van andere teams. De eigen vrijheid met betrekking tot commercie en het sparren met de 7 Business Control collega’s, vormt voor mij een mooie combinatie.”

Business Controller


You run your own domain

The role of Business Controller at Nederlandse Loterij is being fleshed out differently in a number of areas. In their experience, what is fun and different about their work at Nederlandse Loterij? Ilona elucidates: “You run your own domain, as it were. At Nederlandse Loterij, we have different brands and therefore various teams.” For example, Marjolein’s role is that of Business Controller for the Staatsloterij team, while Ilona carries out the same function for the retail team. Ilona expands on this aspect: “In close cooperation with your domain’s commercial team, you work on shaping the business strategy. The concrete details for this vary per domain and provide the opportunity for a personal approach.” Marjolein makes a point of this freedom: “Within my team, I can highlight the aspects that are important to me as a Business Controller. Besides being in control of my own domain, I also work closely with colleagues from other teams. My personal freedom as regards commerce and sparring with the 7 Business Control colleagues is a great combination for me.”


You’re actively involved in decision-making

As a Business Controller at Nederlandse Loterij, you also play an active role in decision-making as well as managing your own domain. Marjolein elucidates: “Our viewpoints and analyses are included in the executive’s decisions. Moreover, we fulfil a true business controller role.” Ilona explains: “Our Business Intelligence department provides us with valuable data insights. We also have a separate accounting department that manages the accounts and performs initial financial analysis. This creates the space for us to work with the business on commercial matters. That’s something I really appreciate about our work.”


You have a social impact

The impact on society is another aspect they mention as part of their experience. Ilona explains: “At Nederlandse Loterij, a specific part of our receipts goes to good causes and sport, and it’s our job as Business Controllers to manage this and contribute to achieving this amount. This necessitates painstaking budget management and accurate forecasts.” Marjolein adds: “We’re a commercial business with social objectives. That means we have both financial and social targets. As Business Controllers, its our responsibility to strive not only for optimal returns but to also achieve them in a responsible manner. That social impact is what makes our work of value.”


You get involved in challenging projects

The Business Controller’s role at Nederlandse Loterij encompasses more than just preparing financial forecasts and advice. It also means being involved in challenging projects. Marjolein enthusiastically shares a highlight in which she fulfilled a leading financial role in the acquisition of a new company: “Controlling this process goes further than the usual Business Control tasks. It calls for different skills and competencies. But it’s really great because that’s how you learn new skills.” Ilona also shares her highlight: “I acted as project controller for the strategic Online Gaming programme, an important project for the future. I was involved all the way from setting the strategy continuing right up to our launch. Something that’s a source of pride for me.”

Would you like to have a lot of responsibility within your own domain, make an impact on society and be involved in challenging projects, just like Marjolein and Ilona in their business controller jobs? If so, check out our current vacancies here.



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