June 10, 2023 | 3 min

Working at Nederlandse Loterij as a top athlete

Lisa Lejeune
Social Marketeer

“An internship at Nederlandse Loterij means a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest sport sponsors in the Netherlands,” says Lisa Lejeune, former intern at Nederlandse Loterij. She now works as a Social Marketeer at Nederlandse Loterij and is also a top athlete. Curious to know how she manages to combine these roles?

In addition to her career with Nederlandse Loterij, Lisa is a hockey player with the premier league team, HGC. She is proof that top-level sport can be combined well with a serious career that makes a social contribution. “It does help that Nederlandse Loterij is so facilitating. I always have the freedom to draw up my own schedule, as I regularly train during the day or sometimes spend a week on training sessions. Nederlandse Loterij trusts me to make responsible choices and that trust allows me to continue to keep on doing this. I’ve always produced a thorough, clear schedule with my colleagues, both during my internship and now that I’m permanently employed.”

“During my internship at Nederlandse Loterij, I got a look behind the scenes at one of the biggest sports sponsors in the Netherlands. As a top athlete I find that super cool of course.”

Lisa Lejeune
Social Marketeer


Social career

A lot happens in the sponsorship department, where Lisa was an intern. During her internship, Nederlandse Loterij was the main sponsor of Team NL. “For a long time, I’ve found sport and commerce, and especially in combination, very interesting. That’s why I decided to study at the Johan Cruyff Academy. I could continue to develop as a top athlete there while also starting my social career.”

“In the coming years, I hope to learn a lot and develop into a good Social Media Marketeer. In particular, I’m really looking forward to discovering new things with the help of my colleagues. Many of them have years of experience and can guide me along this path in the best possible way,” says the brand-new graduate.


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