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Haris on his Developer role in the TOTO Casino project

Haris Spahija
Software Developer

TOTO Casino

Haris is a member of Nederlandse Loterij’s Technology department. He currently works for TOTO Casino with back-end and front-end developers, a designer and a product owner. “In common with my team, I’m busy working on systems for TOTO Casino that make sure in the background that everything runs as it should. For example, these systems ensure that players have the safest and most fun gaming environment possible, while protecting them from undesirable gaming behaviour. It’s my job to make this go as smoothly as possible.”

Over a short period of just eight months, the TOTO Casino project has undergone a complete redesign, in a relatively unfamiliar market. And this entire process has been energising for Haris. “The speed was unbelievably high. We were first to market. Everyone in the team had the courage and nerve to just go for it. It’s important that you have an entrepreneurial attitude. I’ve learnt a lot. Not only from the business aspect associated with it, but also from the intense cooperation with my colleagues.”

TOTO Casino was constructed over a short period of time, but its personalisation is a project that is still subject to a lot of hard work. “The aim is to personalise the player experience. The online player experience has to feel as personal for the player as physically visiting a casino would. But ultimately, the aim is of course to even go beyond this.”

“I'm constantly discovering, while at the same time building a product or system for the long term. It's a combination that really appeals to me.”

Haris Spahija
Software Developer


Part of a rapidly growing team

Haris is currently working on the TOTO Casino project, but he also has a lot of contact with other teams about products and projects. “We consult closely about how a particular product should be built. It will be harmonised with all the products we offer from Nederlandse Loterij. That means it’s always possible for a specialist to transfer to another project or component.”

A couple of years ago, Haris was one of the first in-house developers within Nederlandse Loterij. Since then, he has seen the Technology department grow from a tiny start-up to a much bigger department bursting with talent. “No way are you a number here, as you would be at many other big tech companies. Within Nederlandse Loterij, you have the freedom to make your own professional choice. You’re not constrained. What I really enjoy about my job is that I have a lot of influence on the complete picture. If I have a good idea, I can easily put it forward within the organisation. As an employee, this ensures that you become knowledgeable about multiple projects or products. You’re also really expected to set about promoting your idea. I’m constantly discovering, while at the same time building a product or system for the long term. It’s a combination that appeals to me.

Apart from that, what really attracts me is the scalability of our system. Within Nederlandse Loterij, we have over one million players in total, with hundreds of thousands of transactions occurring every day. Plus at any given time of the day, a huge number of players are all playing simultaneously. That’s something that gives me a real sense of pride.”


Responsible playing

As to the question why Haris chose Nederlandse Loterij, he has a clear answer to this. “I find the growing, rapidly changing market of Nederlandse Loterij extremely interesting. We are constantly developing as a team, and responsible play always has a key role to play in this. As a developer, I find that reassuring. We protect players from risky playing behaviour, because taking part in TOTO is fun and should stay that way.”

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